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LINGERTWEEN: online lingerie store for tweens launched


RESPONDING to demand from mothers seeking a first bra for their pre-teen daughters, Kelly O’Brian, who owns the physical store trading as Linger in the US, launched what is believed to be the first e-commerce site specializing in lingerie for tweens. Trading as tween.shoplinger.com, the store offers a tween-appropriate choice of bras and other items in a home setting that is comfortable for both mother and daughter. Kelly O’Brian explained: “The age at which girls enter puberty has been getting younger and younger in recent decades, according to numerous studies. The average age is about 9, with some ethnicities a little younger and others a few months older. That creates a new need in the market place”.




Finding a sufficiently wide range of products could prove a problem for the e-commerce as few brands cater to the tween market. This presents interesting opportunities for manufacturers, as well as for distributors.

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