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LINCLALOR: expansion plans for Bisbigli label revealed   ITALIAN intimate apparel concern Linclalor, that operates several lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear labels, announced ambitious expansion plans for its Bisbigli brand that was launched in Italy two years ago. By 2018, it is intended to expand the retail network to 400 sales points, in Italy as well as worldwide, including China. The expansion is to involve owned stores in strategic locations, outlet stores and online shops. Currently, the Bisbigli label is offered by 90 stores. Linclalor generates annual sales of some EUR 32m with its own brands as well as with private label production for department store groups.

Bisbigli by Linclalor

Bisbigli by Linclalor

Production is sourced from a subsidiary in Romania, which means that the expansion plans will benefit from competitive prices.



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