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RIVIERA: Cannes swimwear show confirms its validity


ALTHOUGH, like last year, the organizers of the Riviera by Mode City swimwear salon that was staged in Cannes on September 7 and 8 released no attendance figures, they claimed that the second edition of the show marked further progress and established the validity of the event. Attendance is said to have risen and to have been highly professional while the collections shown included more brands in the medium price bracket. While the majority of visiting buyers were from Mediterranean resorts, this year saw the arrival of a certain number of buyers from the Atlantic coast.


Riviera by Mode City

Riviera by Mode City

The event was conceived to serve the buying needs of retailers on and around the French Riviera who were too busy in July to attend the main Mode City salon in Paris. Consequently, it is not surprising that it interests also retailers in Atlantic coast resorts who have similar constraints.

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