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Sibilintimate is your key to the world of bodywear: lingerie, underwear, swimwear, fitness, hosiery and all garments worn next to the skin.


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Following a rich and varied career in journalism, starting at THE FINANCIAL TIMES, followed by a spell on women’s magazines, including HARPER’S BAZAAR, Jean-Pierre Adeline entered the world of professional magazines in the textile field through leading publications, such as INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES and THE AMBASSADOR, which no longer exist but were considered very influential in the last part of the 20th century.


In the mid ’70s, he joined KURT SALMON ASSOCIATES, then the leading world management consultancy in the apparel industry, as Director of Communications. On his return to publishing in 1984, he conceived and launched BEACHWEAR FORECAST in partnership with a London publisher. Over 15 years, this earned international recognition as the leading professional publication in the field of swimwear. In 1996, the evolution of the world bodywear market called for a new strategy. It was then that the magazine changed into BODYWEAR DIRECTIONS and covered every aspect of the bodywear supply pipeline, still under the editorship and management of Jean-Pierre Adeline.


It was in 2006 that he felt the time was ripe to exploit the growing importance of the internet as a means of B2B and B2C communications. This led him to create the SIBILintimate portal and newsletter specifically to serve the bodywear industry worldwide. The portal was conceived to provide a broad range of information for bodywear supply chain professionals as well as for consumers, as can be seen from the detailed menu on the home page. It is to the newsletter in particular that his extensive and varied experience of the textile, apparel and bodywear industries over many years has been applied, making the publication into essential reading for management at every link of the bodywear supply chain.


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