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AERIE: strong sales prompt more new openings

PARENT company American Eagle said that, following the 20 per cent sales rise achieved by the Aerie lingerie chain in 2015, it planned to open in 2016 a total of 25 Aerie shop-in-shops within American Eagle stores in addition to 10 standalone stores. At the same time, the chain that targets young consumers said the online sales of the brand had risen by 40 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2015, although its physical stores still accounted for 90 per cent of turnover. The rise in sales of Aerie is attributed to the success of a new smaller store format that raised productivity by 60 per cent against stores of conventional size in comparable locations.



In 2015, Aerie advertisements began to feature unretouched photos of “real” young women and it is thought that this policy made a significant contribution to the chain’s sales success.


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