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AGENT PROVOCATEUR: full year shows major gains

RESULTS of fiscal year 2013/14 released by luxury erotic label Agent Provocateur showed that sales had risen by 36 per cent to GBP 53.1m, boosting operating profit by a third, to GBP 9.6m. Owners 3i, a private equity firm, refused to declare a profit figure, possibly because the strategic review it is conducting might lead to the start of sale negotiations. During the year, the chain opened new stores in Paris, Cannes, Strasbourg, Toronto, Shanghai, Beijing, Mexico City and Atlanta, bringing the total to 100. Online sales rose by 30 per cent.


Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

The higher total sales reflected the opening of new stores while the higher volume of online sales was due to the growing popularity of home shopping, which is particularly convenient for erotic lingerie.





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