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AMERICAN EAGLE: Aerie global strategy reviewed 

THE GLOBAL Brand President President of Aerie, the lingerie brand for young women operated by American Eagle (AE), Jen Foyle, told UK trade paper Drapers: “We think there’s a great opportunity for Aerie overseas because overtly sexy doesn’t work in all cultures, so we’ve seen a great response in Canada and Israel for example, and now we’re looking at the UK.” Ms Foyle added that there is potential to grow the business by expanding overseas and that, since AE planned to open three or four more stores in the UK in 2016, these could well be flanked by Aerie stores. Earlier this year, the AE management had announced that future openings of Aerie outlets would be shops-in-shop within AE stores rather than standalone stores.

Aerie by American Eagle

Aerie by American Eagle


As shown by the strong growth of Etam’s Undiz chain in France, there is evidence that young women in Europe, as well as in the US, prefer lingerie that reflects their personality rather than projects a femme fatale image. This promises further expansion for the Aerie brand everywhere, whatever the retail concept finally adopted.

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