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ANITA: US website starts selling to consumers

AFTER many years of using its US website to promote its brand and image as well as to support its wholesale customers, German lingerie brand Anita is reported by local trade magazine Body to have started selling to consumers. However, a check on the company’s US website showed that, in contrast to the B2C operations of some other brands, that of Anita is a rather low key effort that is likely to attract mainly consumers in locations far from physical stockists.



Nevertheless, the operation of a B2C online store by a wholesale brand always risks being perceived by retailers as unfair competition. As we have written before, most wholesale brands that operate a B2C online store do so to fill in gaps in their physical distribution. To maximize the benefits of their operation, however, they have much to gain from the conception and implementation of a system intended to compensate their wholesale customers for presumed lost sales. Since practically all retailers provide loyalty cards that earn discounts for their customers, such cards could provide the key to compensation systems.


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