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ARCHROMA: eco-friendly dyes added to product range

TEXTILE chemicals specialist Archroma announced the launch of a new range of environment-friendly dyestuffs. Named Earthcolors, the new dyes make use of agriculture waste products that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. These provide rich red, brown and green colours for dyeing of cotton and other cellulosic textiles. To achieve adequate transparency along the whole supply chain, Archroma can supply brands with hang tags to be attached to individual garments. The tags incorporate a chip with complete information on relevant color batches, which can be accessed with a consumer’s smartphone at the point of sale.


Earthcolors by Archroma

Earthcolors by Archroma

Described as “biosynthetic sulfur dyes”, Earthcolors are derived from natural products such as almond shells, saw palmetto or rosemary leaves that are normally treated as waste.

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