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ASAHI KASEI: investments in elastane fibre detailed

RESPONDING to an inaccurate comment about its European elastane capacity made in a recent issue of this newsletter, Asahi Kasei provided details of the impressive investment programme that followed its acquisition of the Dorlastan plant from the Lanxess concern in 2006. Since then, the Japanese chemical and fibres giant has invested more that JPY 1bn, equivalent to over EUR 7.2m, in the plant in order to integrate there its advanced elastane technology. Some facilities there were renewed and remodelled to allow the production of high-performance Roica elastane, including special fibres with such functions as acid dyeable, adhesive, heat-settable, anti-odour, chlorine resistance and others. Some of these functional fibres are now produced only in Germany and Japan, although there are other Roica plants in China, Taiwan and Thailand.




The information supplied confirms that the German plant now represents state-of-the-art elastane technology.     



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