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CALIDA: group reports weaker sales of innerwear

ALTHOUGH the acquisition of the Lafuma sports equipment concern allowed the Calida group to double its 2014 sales to CHF 412.4m, raising net income to CHF 23.6m from CHF 10.6m, revenue from innerwear operations dipped slightly. The Calida underwear business suffered a marginal sales dip to CHF 137.75m although its operating profit contribution rose very slightly to CHF 39.19m. The Aubade lingerie brand also suffered lower sales, by just over CHF 2m to CHF 65.53m, but this caused operating profit contribution to slip marginally to CHF 18.07m. Both brands reported weaker wholesale business that was compensated for by stronger direct sales performance, particularly by internet sales. The main objective for the coming years was said to be the internationalization of the Aubade brand.

Aubade by Calida

Aubade by Calida


The weakness of wholesale sales in most European markets suggests that the international ambitions of Aubade will require substantial investments in physical stores outside France or the launch of an international franchising programme for the brand.



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