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CALIDA: new concept sought for Aubade collection

THE SWISS group’s French lingerie subsidiary, Aubade, has organized a competition for students at the De Montfort University (DMU) Contour Fashion School to develop a new concept for its collection. The brief is that the collection should retain the essence of French styling while showing a subtle hint of British handwriting. The student producing the winning design, of a bra and panty set with a “free” third item of lingerie, will be invited to spend six months in Paris working with Aubade. The project is being filmed by CAD/CAM specialist Lectra and the video is to be shown at the S.I.L. in Paris as well as at the Moda salon in the UK.



Besides the creative input and media exposure created by such a project, it also promotes goodwill for a brand among the faculty and students of a college.


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