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CALIDA: strong CHF reduces sales and profit

SWISS innerwear and sleepwear group Calida declared 2015 results that showed the negative effects of the stronger Swiss Franc. Against 2014, sales declined by 12.9 per cent to CHF 359m and net profit slumped by 28.1 per cent to CHF 17m. Although not affected by exchange rates, since over 90 per cent of its costs and revenues are generated within the Euro zone, the group’s luxury lingerie label Aubade suffered a 1 per cent dip in sales. Also based in France, the Lafuma sports equipment business, in which the Swiss group has a 60 per cent stake, raised its net profit by 8.9 per cent to EUR 2.4m despite a 5.3 per cent decline in sales, to EUR 163m.

Aubade by Calida

Aubade by Calida

The relatively disappointing performance of the Aubade label could be due to its high degree of dependence on the lacklustre French market.


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