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Contents Issue Week 03-2017

Marie Jo by  Van de Velde

 ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 03-2017  Summary of news published since Week 02-2017 ALTHOUGH key players in the European intimate apparel sector are preparing to attend the January shows in Paris, either as exhibitors or as visitors, there seems to be, this year, less news of new products and developments than is usual at this time. One possible reason is that the ...

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Full text issue week 02-2017

Agent Provocateur

 ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 02-2017  Summary of news published since Week 51-2016   THIS WEEK’s prediction that sales of men’s underwear will be led by growing demand for private label merchandise will come as no surprise to the sector’s professionals. Despite the gains made by manufacturers’ brands in past decades, many men everywhere, or their mothers and wives, continue to ...

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Full text issue week 51-2016

Women'Secret by Cortemiel

  ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 51-2016 Summary of news published since Week 50-2016   REPORTED here this week, the news that the Cortefiel group is moving into India marks an important milestone in the evolution of the global intimate apparel industry. The arrival in India of the Women’Secret retail chain promises to provide a major boost to the expansion there ...

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Contents issue week 50-2016


ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 50-2016  Summary of news published since Week 49-2016 THE GLOBAL growth prediction for the lingerie market made by Allied Market Research and reported here this week represents good news for the industry as a whole but will not prevent some less successful brands from suffering further setbacks. Regardless of whether a market broadens or contracts, there ...

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Contents issue week 49-2016


      ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 49-2016  Summary of news published since Week 48-2016 TOGETHER with fibre producer Lenzing, yarn supplier RadiciGroup have both long been at the forefront of the textile industry’s drive for greater sustainability. This week both made announcements that confirmed their leadership in that field. As yet, only a minority of consumers apply environmental criteria ...

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Contents Issue Week 48-2016


ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 48-2016  Summary of news published since Week 47-2016 THE ANNOUNCEMENT by Alma Bloom that it will focus exclusively on franchising in order to maintain the growth of its business is a timely reminder that a clearly defined and implemented marketing strategy promises best results. While the alternative strategies of wholesaling and direct distribution have comparable potential, ...

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Contents issue week 47-2016

Triumph International

ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 47-2016 Summary of news published since Week 46-2016 THE FIRST three news items in this week’s issue provide a very positive view of the current situation of the world bodywear sector. The prediction of further growth in sales of intimate apparel, swimwear and erotic lingerie promises broader sales opportunities for all brands in the entire industry ...

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Contents issue week 46-2016

Marks & Spencer

ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Week 46-2016 Summary of news published since Week 43-2016 THE PROMOTION by Invista of the visible bra concept reminds us that it is nearly ten years ago that the visibility issue was first discussed in these pages. At the time, the concept was considered revolutionary but the principle is now generally accepted. Yet, it remains mainly a ...

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Contents issue week 43-2016

Nucleus seamless bra

ISSN 1994-2419  Issue Week 43-2016 Summary of news published since Week 42-2016 ALTHOUGH the launch of a totally new synthetic fibre is a very rare event, all major fibre companies devote much of their R&D activities to the development of improved versions of their existing products. One product of such development work, the ATS technology announced by Nilit, represents a ...

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Contents issue weeks 41&42-2016

Adore Me

ISSN 1994-2419 Issue Weeks 41&42-2016 Summary of news published since Week 40-2016 WITH a high level of incidence, since it threatens one woman in eight, breast cancer is one of the major hazards facing women everywhere. While early detection and appropriate remedial action allow chances of survival to keep improving, the availability of garments designed to facilitate treatment also makes ...

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