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CHANGEWEAR: start-up to propose customizable bras


A US START-UP is attempting to crowdfund USD 35’000 to finance the first production run, under the Changewear label, of a bra that can change colour and fabric design according to the wearer’s wishes. Conceived by Portland entrepreneur Michelle Judson, the transparent lace bra features two pockets into which the consumer can slip inserts of different colours and designs. Launched on September 30 and closing on 3 November, the fundraising campaign had raised USD 1’180 as we wrote this on October 2.




Even if the fund raising attempt is successful, two other elements of the project need to be proven for it to prove viable. First, the basic lace bra must provide adequate support and comfort, then the inserts must be priced competitively enough to discourage consumers from buying several bras of different colours and fabric designs.

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