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CLARIANT: colour service celebrates 10th anniversary

TO MARK the 10th anniversary of its ColorForward® colour forecasting guide, Clariant invited more than 50 key customers from all over the world to a special event at the Clariant Innovation Centre in Frankfurt on 11 March. Clariant Global Head of Marketing Matthias Brommer welcomed the guests and explained: “The ColorForward concept is very closely aligned with the overall Clariant corporate strategy that calls for, among other things, adding value for customers and fostering innovation.”


ColorForward by Clariant

ColorForward by Clariant

Whether a single colour forecasting service provided by a company that supplies colouring materials for a broad range of products is valuable for highly specialized producers, such as manufacturers of innerwear and swimwear, is a moot point. But, considered alongside other colour predictions from a variety of sources, all colour guides help fabric suppliers and garment manufacturers to make informed decisions about the colours they propose in their collections.



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