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Collection LIEBAERT S/S 2015

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S/S 2015 Collection


To pamper our silhouette and enhance its charms, we offer for summer ’15 a new range focused on skin care. Our Magic Curve shapewear fabrics with over 30% of lycra knitted together with slim and firming yarns from Nurel or Emana yarns from Rhodia were especially developed for their smoothing effect on the skin.

Those special yarns are also used in our ultrafine fabrics to produces the world’s finest nano stitch tricotfabrics .

Colours are soft and warm, ranging from skin tones to copper and mahogany shades. These are enlivened with eco colors and tropical greens. Magic curve Jacquards, tone on tone or subtly contrasting, are used to bring a touch of fantasy to this collection.


For this range, we have selected a retro look cotton tulle, using a palette of ethnic shades punctuated with slightly fluorescent touches. Fabrics with a hand-made look are up-dated to achieve a modern and fresh appearance Cashmere and folkloric motifs appear in bright tones while dévoré effects enliven matt surfaces with a natural look. New Jacquards with àjour motifs bring a touch of lightness.


The range is presented on a super soft, textured nano stitch fabric with a discreet satin surface. Black and porcelain shades dominate and are enlivened by touches of gold, cobalt, henna… Minimalism and visual rigor are prominent and tone-on-tone motifs create a tapestry effect

Geometrics are an important element of Jacquard and print designs. Here, we focus on elegance and color and create positive liveliness to counter the gloomy spirit of the recession.



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