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Collection PIAVE MAITEX Swim S/S 2016

Swimwear Fabric

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for S/S 2016

The PIAVE MAITEX traditional appointment of CANNES – MARE DI MODA – INTIMO DI MODA 2014 is as always characterized by a wide range of the newest products proposals ranging from plain fabrics to the new printed collection BEACHWEAR 2016 and a preview of the Lingerie collection Spring-Summer 2016.


“BODY ONE SWIM” BANDS. Not just a fabric, also a project of beauty. BODY ONE bands are essentially created for the female body, structured and designed to highlight the sweet natural beauty of its curves. Textile effects tailor the silhouette while contrasted structures gently dress and embrace without constraint, emphasize and sculpt in full comfort. Now making their debut in the swimwear series enhanced tattoo-like graphics are implemented by jacquard technology. Not simply a fabric, but an industrial project. “A seam or little more, the rest is left to creativity “. In fact only few manufacturing steps are required to achieve an attractive garment, ready to wear at reduced costs. Customized cutting allows for quick flexible styling options from a semi-covering bikini, rather than a classical one, to the more intriguing outfit, all this at lower costs, lessened need for delocalizing, higher margins on hand. Not only a fabric, also a project of fashion versatility. A practical shaping beachwear garment, seductive under the coordinated pareo or parka, ideal for any occasion or age. It is a comfortable and elegant concept fabric suitable for beach and swimming pool, anti-UV and sand-proof, perfect fit, soft chlorine resistant yarns, bright colors. In a few words, top versatility and fashion.

Body One Swim 1

Body One Swim 1

BodyOne Swim 2

BodyOne Swim 2

4862. THE NEW CHALLENGE IN BEACHWEAR. Already popular and appreciated among technical users thanks to the moisture management and heat insulation properties, polypropylene till today hardly found a place in beachwear fabrics for two main reasons: poor performance of stretch properties and zero printing options. We have set today new standards by developing a fabric with far better stretch and higher comfort obtained by combining soft polipropylene on the skin side and nylon microfibre on the outer side, enabling also prints and bright colours, dryer feeling on the skin with a thermoregulation effect that reduces water thermal shock. The benefits are obvious, and the tests have reported new sensations, never felt before.





The STUDIO BEACHWEAR 2016 series of PIAVEMAITEX is based on these brand new themes:

SOUND BEACH . Vibrant colours, animalier motifs combined with clean lines defining a contemporary style, at the same time inspired by street art and the fancy reminiscences of Africa, with stylized skins coloured with unusual shades, ethnic motifs stinulating the spicy feelings of far-away lands. Tie-dye effects reminding batiks, multicolor prints suggesting warm shades coloured bandanas, innovative jungle backgrounds, with a sparkling touch, briné, and tinted with unsuspected shades.

Sound Beach

Sound Beach

FASHIONABLE. An explosion of flamboyant flowers, brightly tinted and shaded, and exciting oriental designs characterize this romantic and at the same time fashionable theme. Clean, bright and sensual colors coming across white grounds, bright maxiflowers are used on light silks suitable for cover-ups and elegant beachwear dresses, romantic stylized flowers are coloured by vivid and sunny tones on lively bikini and on eccentric beach suits.



ORIGINAL SPLASH . Or rather: graphism in freedom. This colorful theme articulates between classics and original dots, eccentric geometry, circle rings, geometric motifs inspired by the Visual Design. Digital designs with a touch of refinement, coloured in clean tones. The everlasting black and white are not missing the appointment and they are combined with really young patterns, all inspired to a great joy of life, to the constant effort in creativity.


Original Splash

Original Splash

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