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Issue Week 45-2014  


Summary of news published during Week 44-2014



WHILE it is well known that a high proportion of men’s under garments is bought by women, the volume of lingerie bought by men is much lower. The reason is also well known: women buy underwear for their partners and sons mainly because most men are not sufficiently interested to buy replacement garments for themselves. On the other hand, men buy lingerie as gifts, perhaps in appreciation for services rendered, or as an indication of services desired. At the same time, surveys have shown that lingerie received as a gift is often never worn by the woman receiving it. Consequently, the initiative taken by RougeGorge, and described in this issue, promises two desirable results. The first is that it will make it easier for men to buy lingerie, which could boost consumption appreciably. The second is that, thanks to the advice provided by the chain, the lingerie bought is more likely to be appreciated and worn by the woman concerned, which could encourage men to make more gifts of the same type. The next step is to encourage men to spend more on each item bought than most women are prepared to spend on their own purchases of lingerie.  

Jean-Pierre Adeline  


BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind

 TRENDS: how designer shows influence bodyfashion

EROTICISM: trend gains more ground in Europe

UK: retailers report strong sales growth in past year

DESIGN DIRECTIONS: Interfilière reveals S/S 2016 trends


SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector

  NILIT: specialty fibres to be highlighted in Munich

DOGI: new owners define growth strategy

SUNSELECT: breakthrough made in US market

SYSTEMI ASSYST: bodyscanners to be shown at MarediModa


THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands & labels

  SCANDALE: US collection targets mass market

OH LA LA CHERI: growth strategy for 2015 revealed

BELLY ARMOR: men’s anti-radiation underwear developed

MAISON LEJABY: majority stake acquired by Parisian fund

HANESBRANDS: acquisitions begin to boost sales and profit  


DISTRIBUTION – evolution of chains and channels

BIKINI VILLAGE: loan and debentures deals concluded

M HOLT: major UK wholesaler preparing to close

ROUGEGORGE: attempt made to boost sales to men


PEOPLE – corporate personalities

  VERONIQUE BONNET: takes key post at Concepts Paris

IRIS ALONZO: returns to creative role at American Apparel


EXHIBITIONS – what to see and where to trade

  MILANO UNICA: attendance rises at China event

INTERFILIERE: next edition to highlight silk fabrics


FINISHING TOUCH – The smile for this week

REST-CURE: intruder recovers from labours



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