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Issue Week 10-2015


Summary of news published in Week 09-2014

jpa4Sibil220REPORTED here this week, the opening of an online store by Swiss underwear label Zimmerli again poses the question of brands competing with their wholesale customers. In this case, the luxury character of the product means that physical stockists are thinly spread, which minimizes but does not exclude possible cannibalization of sales. As regards more affordable brands with broader wholesale distribution, a label’s online store provides a significant level of competition for its wholesale customers, who also resent the higher margins generated by such direct sales. But, considering the expected further growth of online sales of bodywear, it is clear that brands have much to gain from being available online. Consequently, the question is not whether they should have an online store but how their wholesale customers can be protected against loss of income. There are several ways this can be achieved, and all merit close attention to ensure that the most equitable solution is adopted.  

Jean-Pierre Adeline



BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind


 INFLUENCES: sensuality in lingerie surveyed

UK: online lingerie sales show strong growth



SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


  SUNSELECT: new tan-through fabric offers printing options

DESSEILLES: local press predicts impending failure  



THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


  ZIMMERLI: luxury label launches online store

ULTIMO: UK brand opens first store concessions

BJORN BORG: strong performance achieved in 2014

RAJ: New York-based beachwear brand acquired

VAN DE VELDE: sales growth maintained in 2014

SCANDALE: volume distribution secured in France

HANRO: range diversified into outerwear

WACOAL: more affordable line launched in Europe  



DISTRIBUTIONevolution of chains and channels


  F.O.H.: lingerie store network to be slashed

RIGBY & PELLER: first franchise to open in Germany

ESPRIT: first half performance disappointed

MACK WELDON: e-tailer backed by venture capital

UNDER ARMOUR: expansion in Europe to accelerate  



PEOPLE: corporate personalities


  CYNTHIA ERLAND: joins American Apparel



FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


  GOLD DUST: an expensive way to clean home  



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