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Contents Issue Week 11-2016


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Issue Week 11-2016

Summary of news published since Week 10-2016

jpa4Sibil220AT A TIME when demand for luxury products continues to strengthen, the problems facing makers of Leavers lace, as reported this week, can be ascribed to a lack of discernment on the part of consumers. But it could be argued that Leavers lace specialists are at least partly responsible for that lack of discernment. Their inadequate reaction to the original launch of Raschel laces included the creation and promotion of the Calais lace logo but not enough was done to conceive and implement international cooperative campaigns. These could have made consumers aware and appreciative of the special qualities of the Leavers product. Consequently, many of today’s more affluent consumers fail to equate Leavers lace with luxury. This has helped to create excess world capacity, which puts inacceptable pressure on prices. In time, market forces will bring supply in line with demand but that may be too late to save some other specialists from a fate, which, in retrospect, could have been avoided.

 Jean-Pierre Adeline

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BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind

UK: retail sales growth slowed in February



SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


DESSEILLES LACES: survival remains uncertain

INVISTA: legwear prospects analyzed



THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


BALLERINA: plus size hosiery collection launched

SEAFOLLY: alternative found for Isola label

CALIDA: strong CHF reduces sales and profit

GUESS: intimates sales drive to intensify

IBICI: new collection features functional fibres




DISTRIBUTION – evolution of chains and channels


ETAM: Undiz brand to be developed in Spain

CALZEDONIA: major PR move announced

AERIE: strong sales prompt more new openings




PEOPLE – corporate personalities


JAUME MIQUEL: promoted to CEO of Cortefiel

ANDREAS HOESCHELE: to take helm of Naturana




 FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


SOLUTION: advice for dissatisfied servers


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