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Contents Issue Week 12-2015

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Issue Week 12-2015


Summary of news published in Week 11-2014



THE PRESUMPTION that it was mainly the terrorist attacks that caused clothing consumption in France to decline by 1.1 per cent in January deserves to be questioned. This is because the incidence of comparable attacks is likely to increase everywhere in the coming years as IS propaganda radicalizes more gullible believers. If it is assumed that, when tourist purchases are included, the Paris area accounts for 20 per cent of French apparel consumption, the national decline suggests that consumption in Paris could have slumped by as much as 5 per cent, which seems very unlikely. The attacks took place in peripheral areas where most people shop mainly for food and essential services and it is hard to believe that Parisians slashed their apparel purchases because they were afraid to go outdoors, or preferred to follow the news on TV. It follows that, if our assumptions are correct, neither the January events in France, nor future terrorist acts elsewhere, are likely to reduce significantly consumption of clothing in general and of innerwear in particular.

Jean-Pierre Adeline

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BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind


FRANCE: terrorism reduced spending in January

ITALY: labels of origin claims reiterated

SWIMWEAR: report on French market published



SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


BASF: bio-based elastane intermediate developed

OUTLAST: new demonstration method introduced

EUROJERSEY: major swimwear brands served

CLARIANT: colour service celebrates 10th anniversary



THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


STANCE: socks brand to expand into underwear

C.J.GRENIER: sales decline causes failure

DELTA GALIL: Vietnam investment plan detailed

VF LINGERIE: possible sale being considered



DISTRIBUTIONevolution of chains and channels


LOLALOLA: Indonesian e-tailer speeds growth

AMERICAN EAGLE: Q4 brought higher gross profit



PEOPLE: corporate personalities


ALAIN MOREY: to head Triumph supply chain

JENNIFER FOYLE: takes helm of aerie chain



EXHIBITIONS – what to see and where to trade


FILO: important discussion to mark opening day

SUPREME: growing international presence reported



FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week



LOOSE CHANGE: protesters disrupt Wall Street






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