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Issue Week 14-2015


Summary of news published in Week 13-2014


jpa4Sibil220OVER 30 years ago, when preparing a presentation for a marketing symposium, we expressed the principle: “For what the consumer needs, she will pay as little as possible but for what she wants, she will pay as much as she can afford”. That remains as evident today as it was then, and the problem remains the same: how to determine what the consumer wants. Often, consumer wants are determined by fashion trends, but by the time a given feature becomes a trend, all manufacturers and retailers will be offering the merchandise and it is no longer possible to apply a premium price. Retailers, whether chains or independents, are best placed to identify unsatisfied wants, by analysing reasons for lost sales. While some specialist chains with private labels have formalized the analysis of lost sales, few independents do so effectively, and fewer still keep their suppliers informed. Much remains to be done, by retailers as well as by manufacturers, to improve communication of lost sales data that helps to identify unsatisfied consumer wants.


Jean-Pierre Adeline



Because many countries will be celebrating the Easter holiday

with a long weekend spanning Friday to Monday,

the next issue of the SIBILintimate newsletter will be published on 

Monday 13 April 

but updates of bodywear business news will continue to appear in the Recent Posts section of the sibilintimate.com website




BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind


ADVERTISING: plus size models found to boost sales

COLOURS: Italian service presents update

GERMANY: business climate shows improvement

New creora banner500


SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


INVISTA: elastane bio-fibre nominated for award

LENZING: operating results exceed expectations

 LENZING banner500x80


THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


PASSIONATA: new ranges target niche segment

TRIUMPH: two production units to be closed

ASHAPURA: investments promise to speed growth



DISTRIBUTIONevolution of chains and channels


HUNKEMOELLER: private equity owner mulls options

MANGO: plus size swimwear range being launched

PRETTYSECRETS: Indian e-commerce to expand

VICTORIA’S SECRET: first stores in Italy to open soon

CALZEDONIA: export sales to rise yet further

LA VIE EN ROSE: failed swimwear chain acquired



PEOPLE: corporate personalities


STEFAN DOBOCZKY: to take helm of Lenzing



EXHIBITIONS – what to see and where to trade


EUROVET: layout of Paris salons to be modified

MILANO UNICA: attendance stable at China event



FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


SING THONG: karaoke with a difference



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