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Contents issue week 22-2016


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Issue Week 22-2016

Summary of news published since Week 21-2016

jpa4Sibil220CONSIDERING the steady growth of consumer awareness of environmental issues, it is surprising that only two major companies supplying the innerwear industry make a sustained effort to promote their commitment to ecology and sustainability. Fibre producer Lenzing led the way, which is unsurprising given that trees are its raw material, and it was shortly followed by Eurojersey, whose links to the environment are less obvious. But it is Eurojersey’s different environmental initiatives over the years that have shown how a company can help to safeguard the planet even though its raw materials are mainly non-renewable. Obviously, if all suppliers attempted to exploit environmental issues to boost their sales, none would benefit from the PR effects of their actions. But more could be done by more suppliers and the resulting improvements in the planet’s health would benefit all its inhabitants as well as the suppliers involved. 


Jean-Pierre Adeline


BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind


GERMANY: business confidence strengthens


SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


EUROJERSEY: celebrates WWF anniversary

TEXTURED JERSEY: record profit rise declared

 NILIT banner-triomix-500

THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


FUSALP: range broadened into swimwear

AMANTE: retail store opened in Pakistan

TRIUMPH: closer focus placed on sports bras

SIMONE PERELE: first retail store opened

KNIX WEAR: crowdfunding record broken

WOLFORD: bid made to cut costs

NAJA: Nude for All lingerie promoted

IVETTE BRIDAL: break made into UK market

COURTAULDS: production ceases after failure            



DISTRIBUTION – evolution of chains and channels


AMERICAN EAGLE: strong sales reported for aerie

BEATE UHSE: Q1 sales slump further


PEOPLE – corporate personalities


VICTORIA SARGESON: joins Panache lingerie

PAUL CHERNY: made CEO of Bendon


FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


WHOOPEE: wedding guests held by police



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