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Contents Issue week 27-2016


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Issue Week 27-2016

 Summary of news published since Week 26-2016

jpa4Sibil220FUNCTIONAL improvements of fibres and fabrics reported here this week bear witness to the efforts of the industry to provide consumers with better products. These include stretch laces with improved aesthetics and function, stretch fibres with antimicrobial properties and other products that provide greater value for consumers. Such improvements will benefit mainly branded products and will help established labels to defend their market share against low price and lower quality commodity products. This creates a situation that illustrates perfectly the working of a market economy that meets most effectively the requirements of all consumers, ranging from low quality at bottom price to the highest quality at premium price. A word of warning, though: the system will function optimally only when brands provide genuine benefits and succeed in communicating effectively with distributors as well as with consumers.


Jean-Pierre Adeline


BECAUSE our team and most of our readers will be in Lyon next weekend to attend the Mode City and Interfilière salons, the next issue of this newsletter will be a double issue to be published on July 18 for Week 29.


BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind


SWIMWEAR: US consumers lack confidence



SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


PENN TS: new stretch lace offers many benefits

HYOSUNG: new creora offers antimicrobial function

D2P BILLON: fabrics made more fashionable

TISSAGES PERRIN: new fabric quality proposed

TAIANA: new woven stretch fabric developed

DOGI: Q1 brings positive EBITDA


THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


TOLLEGNO: sales rose by 7 per cent in 2015

MANHATTAN BEACHWEAR: wins new licence

DELTA GALIL: outerwear brands acquired

SKINY: sporty version being launched for 2017


EXHIBITIONS– what to see and where to trade


MARE D’AMARE: beachwear trends previewed



FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


POWER LACES: dictator spent GBP 1.5m on lingerie


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