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Contents issue weeks 41&42-2016


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Issue Weeks 41&42-2016

Summary of news published since Week 40-2016

jpa4Sibil220WITH a high level of incidence, since it threatens one woman in eight, breast cancer is one of the major hazards facing women everywhere. While early detection and appropriate remedial action allow chances of survival to keep improving, the availability of garments designed to facilitate treatment also makes a significant contribution to a successful outcome. Consequently, the radiotherapy bra described here this week represents a potential generator of high volume sales. Its special features represent only one approach to effective performance, however, and there may well be others that can be exploited profitably. Bra makers that develop other effective approaches can look forward to very substantial rewards and further research and development in this field promise a substantial return on investment.


Jean-Pierre Adeline


BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind


LINGERIE: analysis of online sector published

SWIMWEAR: new global study published

NILIT banner-triomix-500

SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


NILIT: new yarns launched in Shanghai

DOGI: loss reduced though sales weakened

EUROJERSEY: 2018 swimwear trends revealed

HYOSUNG: elastane capacity to be raised again

FULGAR: eco credentials confirmed


THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels 


PANACHE: radiotherapy bra developed

HANKY PANKY: sales drive launched in France

BLUEBELLA: China sales expected to mushroom


DISTRIBUTION – evolution of chains and channels


OYSHO: network extends to Indonesia



PEOPLE – corporate personalities


EVA ROMEO: becomes chief of Women’Secret

ANDREAS SCHMIDT: takes Triumph key post


EXHIBITIONS – what to see and where to trade


RIVIERA: both offer and attendance declined

I.F.L.: Shanghai event to highlight activewear

MAREDIMODA: honours two bodywear brands

ALTITUDE: new salon to be launched in USA


 FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


D.I.Y.: swimwear attempt leads to arrest


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