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Contents Issue Week 47-2015


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Issue Week 47-2015            

Summary of news published in Week 46-2015

NEWS THIS week that Italian circular knitter Jersey Lomellina has diversified its product range into fitness wear fabrics provides further confirmation that formerly clear demarcations between different types of bodywear fabrics are becoming increasingly blurred. Only a few years ago, the functional qualities of different fabric types sufficed to place them into specific categories. Today, as different fabric applications call for an increasingly diverse range of functions, specific areas of  fabric performance, such as moisture control, heat retention and even anti-bacterial action, are essential elements of performance for an increasingly varied range of end-uses. This allows fabric suppliers to select such characteristics as fibre type, cross-sections, constructions and a broad range of finishing options to supply fabrics with  the precisely appropriate performance to meet the needs of specific end-uses. This means that a fabric mill needs to modify only a limited number of criteria in order to produce fabrics with the ideal characteristics for specific applications. Thanks to technological progress; it is now easier than ever before for a fabric supplier to propose products that meet more precisely the needs of manufacturers as well as of consumers.


Jean-Pierre Adeline

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BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind

STYLING: catwalk shows analysis updated

LINGERIE: prime target of UK shoplifters

SAUDI ARABIA: law leads to more shop closures

 Lenzing 2015 banner 500x80

SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


LENZING: Q3 confirms positive earnings trend

NYLSTAR: global expansion moves made

JERSEY LOMELLINA: fitness fabrics added to range

ARCHROMA: new digital printing concept proposed


THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


MARYAN BEACHWEAR: product range expanded

AMANTE: franchise deal opens Pakistan market

CHANTAL THOMASS: more affordable line launched

FLUVIA LACERDA: plus size collection launched


DISTRIBUTION – evolution of chains and channels


OYSHO: entry into new markets announced

WOMEN’SECRET: Spanish market dominated

AMERICAN APPAREL: sales decline continues


EXHIBITIONS– what to see and where to trade


LINEEXPO: Dubai salon presumed cancelled


FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


NEWSROOM: underwear makes room for news


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