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CONTIFIBRE: French operation celebrates its first 20 years


THE FRENCH mill of Italy-based Contifibre, a leading producer of nylon 6.6 yarns and speciality PE yarns as well as a coverer and distributor of Lycra yarns, celebrated its 20th anniversary on 25 and 26 September. The festivities involved a dinner with catwalk show for around 100 customers in France and Belgium and other special events for employees and their families as well as local dignitaries. Located in St Julien, the plant was acquired from Unifil Inc. in 1994, when it operated 15 texturizing machines and had 75 employees. Since then, the mill has been expanded three times, now employs 120 people and sells to more than 60 countries worldwide. In addition to being a leading processor and distributor of Invista products, Contifibre also collaborates with the fibre company to operate the Contifashion development centre in Italy that explores new offers for the European knitting industry.


Contifibre, France

Contifibre, France

As a result of its close commercial links with Invista, Contifibre ranks among the leading suppliers to the intimate apparel and legwear industries in Europe.

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