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CONZELMANN: sales promotion in US resumed

THE GERMAN company Karl Conzelmann, that produces the Nina von C and Like it! intimate apparel collections, is reviving its sales promotion efforts in the US market. After an absence from US trade show for more than a decade, the company is resuming its efforts to find new customers in North America by exhibiting at the CurveNY salon in February 2016. Export Manager Ulrich Karl Conzelmann told the local trade press: “With our brands Nina von C and Like it! we are looking for new customers such as retail shops, mainly lingerie boutiques. We have already cooperated with department stores, chain stores and supermarkets in private label production and are looking for new partners and customers in this kind of business for a long term cooperation as well.”

Nina von C by Conzelmann

Nina von C by Conzelmann

Lack of corporate advertising and PR activities over many years has prevented the company’s corporate image from evolving in line with its sales. But the new emphasis placed on US sales could prompt the brand to promote itself more effectively in the future.

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