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DESSEILLES: investment funding campaign launched

AN INNOVATIVE approach to crowdfunding has been adopted by Desseilles Laces that launched a campaign under the title Hearts of Laces to raise EUR 200’000. The title refers to the special shuttles and bobbins that are key elements of Leavers lace machines. The cash is intended to provide the investment necessary to modify the company’s Leaver machines to meet current technical and creative requirements as well as to develop new products such as finer laces, laces for swimwear and shapewear and novel applications in the field of medecine. Click here for more details.


Hearts of Laces

Hearts of Laces

Since it was acquired by the current management team in 2011, the company has consolidated its position by moving further upmarket and the cash it hopes to raise should allow it to exploit more effectively the current growth in demand for luxury products.


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