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DESSEILLES: unjustified court order threatens survival

LEAVERS lace specialist Desseilles Laces launched a petition against a court order to reinstate five employees who had been dismissed in full accordance with French labour laws while the company was under administration in 2013. CEO Jean-Louis Dussart said that the court order, which raised annual operating costs by EUR 0.3m, posed a serious threat to the continued survival of the company that has recently developed a lace of unequalled fineness as well as an innovative new patterning technology for stretch laces.

Desseilles Lacex

Desseilles Lacex

The court order, which threatens not only the company but the livelihood of its current 74 employees, reflects both the complexity and the incoherence of French labour laws. Consequently, the petition merits the support not only of Leavers lace users but also of all who support a level playing field for textile production.


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