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DRYARN: textile fibre featured in design exhibition


AMONG the exhibits of the Textile Vivant exhibition, which is part of the Triennale di Milano event that highlights the innovative character of Italian design, are those of two concerns – Slam, a manufacturer of sailing wear, and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), a research institute – that feature Dryarn fibre. The PP microfibre yarn developed by Aquafil in the late ’90s offers a unique blend of functional characteristics that has earned it a place in the show.


Slalom + Dryarn

Slalom + Dryarn

End products initially targeted by Dryarn included intimate apparel, swimwear and hosiery. Although it is now used for some swimwear fabrics, where its colour fastness and resistance are appreciated, its premium price has largely favoured highly functional applications where its performance justifies a higher cost. Nevertheless, we continue to believe that the yarn could bring valuable benefits to items of everyday underwear and hosiery.



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