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E-TAILERS: top five APAC operators listed

TO COMPLEMENT its recent report on the online lingerie market in the Asia Pacific region, research firm Technavio named the five leading operators in the region: Baci Lingerie, HanesBrands, Jockey, L Brands and PVH. Technavio added that the five leaders distributed lingerie not only through their own online portals but also through the B2C websites of other distributors. It added that the e-commerce portals that dominate the global scene included Amazon, Groupon and eBay based in the US, Alibaba.com in China, Rakuten in Japan and ASOS.com in the UK.



Because the three named US distributors also generate considerable sales volume in Europe, the absence of a European distributor other than ASOS.com does not imply that European online sales of lingerie lag significantly behind those of the US.


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