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EMINENCE: women’s line to be relaunched

UNDER its Athena label, French underwear concern Eminence is to relaunch a line of women’s underwear, which will be in retail stores by November 2015. Priced at around EUR 35 for a bra and panty set, the line is to be produced in North Africa and South East Asia rather than in France. Eminence CEO Dominique Seau told the trade press that he expects the women’s line will generate annual sales of EUR 10m within five years. In 2014, Eminence generated sales of EUR 125m, mainly with men’s underwear.


Athena by Eminence

Athena by Eminence

It is probable that distribution will be limited to volume market outlets in France rather than to export markets. But it is likely to win sales from existing suppliers in the relevant French distribution channels.



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