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EUROJERSEY: eco credentials re-affirmed

THE ITALIAN producer of Sensitive® bodywear fabrics, that trades as Eurojersey, published a book devoted to the natural development of its sustainable enterprise. Titled The Natural Evolution, the book tells how the company achieved its self-imposed mission to convert cost into value by turning investments into latest generation machinery into an efficiency advantage with lowest environmental impact. The use of cutting-edge equipment and technology led to many benefits for the local economy and environment, including a significant reduction in energy consumption of 700,000 kWh/year (8% of the total, with 20,000 kWh produced by the company itself from solar panels), the equivalent of 400 tonnes less CO2 being released into the atmosphere in one year, as well as savings in water use of 30 million litres generated by the internal purification and re-use plant. Recyclable waste management – including cellophane and textile waste recovery – has also produced excellent results, with a total of 47,000 kg of material transformed from waste into highly valuable raw materials. Also, the Eco-Print technology developed by the company led to significant environmental benefits, like a 50% reduction in water consumption and a 25% cut in energy use compared to traditional print methods.




The book tells an inspiring story and deserves to be read, and similarly acted upon, by all producers of bodywear fabrics.



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