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EUROJERSEY: presentation to feature Eco-Print technology


INCLUDED among the features of the symposium Dialogare con il Colore, to be staged on October 30 within the context of the Milano Triennale event, is a presentation by Eurojersey on its Eco-Print technology. Within the context of sustainable colouring, the presentation will describe the advantages of Eco-Print in the field of textile dyeing. These include reduced water utilization (-54 per cent), less energy required (-19 per cent) and reduced emissions (-47 greenhouse gases; -57 per cent methane), against traditional dyeing methods.


Sensitive® by Eurojersey

Sensitive® by Eurojersey

While the benefits of the Eco-Print process are limited currently to the range of Sensitive® fabrics produced by Eurojersey, it is very probable that other major finishers of intimate apparel fabrics will develop alternative dyeing technologies that will deliver a comparable degree of sustainability.

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