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F.O.H.: lingerie store network to be slashed

TROUBLED US distributor of erotic lingerie Frederick’s of Hollywood (F.O.H.) said that it was preparing to close at least 31 of its 93 stores, including its Hollywood flagship, which is to close in April. The Wall Street Journal reported that the chain has retained Great American Group to help wind down operations of around one third of the chain’s stores. It also quoted F.O.H. CEO Bill Soncini saying: “We’re in the process of re-engineering the whole business. Landlords have been very, very agreeable of letting us out of some very unprofitable locations that should have been closed years ago”.

Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood


Together with the loss of glamour suffered by Hollywood with the passing of the studio system, a late and largely ineffective response to the rise and expansion of Victoria’s Secret has made life increasingly difficult for F.O.H.

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