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FULGAR: new mélange yarn developed

LEADING Italian spinner and coverer Fulgar announced the launch of a new mélange yarn developed thanks to its exclusive All-in-One technology. Labelled Space 3.0, the new yarn features three, rather than the customary two, threads for the first time ever and makes possible a virtually infinite range of colours effects. The yarn is proposed in two versions: Space 3.0 Standard, which features a short and regular mélange section, and Space 3.0 Pulsar, which offers a longer, slub mélange section. Both versions are conceived to guarantee strength of colour and allow the knitting of fabrics that provide greater comfort in wear.


Space 3.0 by Fulgar

Space 3.0 by Fulgar

The new yarn provides further confirmation of the R&D skills of the company as well as of the high level of technology that it applies to production.

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