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GOLDEN LADY: investments to favour innovation

LEADING Italian hosiery concern Golden Lady announced the launch of an investment programme that involves EUR 20m over a three-year period and will focus on research. The objective is to develop innovations that will allow a return to growth. In 2013, Golden Lady brands generated sales of EUR 620m, much as in the preceding year, and EBITDA rose by 7 per cent to EUR 69.3m. No significant growth is expected in 2014. The group produces annually 400m items of legwear, of which 55 per cent is exported, and serves 540 retail accounts.


Considering that the market for women’s hosiery has been struggling for some seasons past, even stable sales can be described as satisfactory performance. But a market leader has to maintain growth and it will be interesting to see what innovations will allow Golden Lady to do so.



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