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HANESBRANDS: past performance recognized

BODYWEAR and sportswear giant HanesBrands announced that, for the first time, the group had made its appearance in the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the US. Its inclusion at rank 490 follows the 15 per cent sales increase, to USD 5.32bn, recorded in 2014 but it is ranked much higher on other criteria. Among these subsidiary rankings is a 17th place for total return to shareholders and a 20th place for average return to shareholders over five years. Sales and profit growth also exceeded appreciably the average of the 500 companies listed.


Bali by HanesBrands

Bali by HanesBrands

Since it was spun off from the Sara Lee group as an independent operation, HanesBrands restructured optimally not only its supply chain but also every aspect of its broad and complex operations, with impressive results.


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