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HANRO: brand honoured by the S.I.L.

AS IT DOES each year, the Salon International de la Lingerie (S.I.L.), which will be staged in Paris from 23 to 25 January 2016, announced its choice for the Designer of the Year award. For 2016, the prize is awarded to Swiss underwear brand Hanro. The award, to be presented during the salon, rewards the luxury underwear collections of Hanro, as well as its ranges of nightwear and loungewear, presented during the past years. Marie-Laure Bellon, CEO of Eurovet that organizes the salon, commented: “The perfectionism applied to elegance and quality, which has made Hanro known and appreciated globally, prompted us to select the brand as Designer of the Year 2016.”



Recognized for its high quality since its birth in 1884, the Hanro label is now rewarded for the design innovation and fashion content demonstrated by its collections in recent years.


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