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HYOSUNG: creora capacity increased again

STRENGTHENING its position as the world’s largest producer of elastane fibre, Hyosung announced that, this year again, it would raise capacity for its creora fibre. Capacity  would be added in Vietnam, in anticipation of the passing of TPP agreement, and in China to meet growth in demand for elastane there, raising total world capacity for creora by 20’000 tonnes to 190’000 tonnes. Hyosung has also opened a Textile Development Center in China to focus on fabric development and innovation in hosiery, seamless, circular knitting and weaving equipment. Creora President Kim commented: “We are constantly looking for new ways to add value for our customers. Our innovation platforms are focused on improved processing value, enhanced functionality, and new aesthetic. Our new development center will provide a competitive advantage when combined with our latest manufacturing capability for outstanding quality, consistency, and runnability. Our intent is to support our customers through innovation and business development.”




While most of the increased capacity in Vietnam will be exported as apparel or fabrics, the additional production in China will serve to meet local consumer demand.

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