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INDIA: online lingerie market analysed

RESEARCH concern Technavio published a report titled Online Lingerie Market in India, which predicts for the Indian online channel a CAGR of 42.32 per cent from 2015 to 2019. The predicted growth is attributed partly to young consumers’ increasing interest in fashion, which has an impact on the lingerie market, and partly on the channel’s ability to provide fashionable lingerie of high quality to women in small towns who have no, or limited, access to physical lingerie stores selling branded goods.




For foreign brands that have the means of financing and replenishing inventory in India, and of creating the required logistics support, an e-commerce platform could prove a more effective means of supplying the Indian market than the opening of physical stores, or of conventional wholesaling. An alternative means of entry could be to negotiate an agreement with an established e-tailer.


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