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INVISTA: consumer campaign supports Lycra brand policy


SUPPORTING the new brand strategy announced in the summer of this year, Invista is launching a new consumer advertising campaign in world markets under the Lycra® Moves You™ theme. This initiative and associated co-branding and merchandising opportunities will be shared with trade partners at a new B2B website that went live on 13 October: http://connect.lycra.com/. As the campaign develops over the coming months, it will involve TV and online commercials, a new print approach, a major digital and social platform as well as new merchandising initiatives at point of sale. Lycra Brand Global Director Denise Sakuma commented: “We are excited to cause a Lycra brand movement at both trade and consumer levels globally. The Lycra Moves You campaign is the perfect message platform to communicate for the first time to consumers that Lycra is a brand of a fibre and THE magic component that gives wearers fit, comfort and the freedom to move. We are making the Lycra brand and fibre to be visible to consumers physically, emotionally and creatively.”

Lycra® Moves You

Lycra® Moves You


While the campaign will educate consumers and strengthen the brand, the co-branding and merchandising opportunities it provides for manufacturers promise to prove particularly valuable for the intimate apparel brands that make use of them.


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