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INVISTA: athleisure concept promoted

THE CONCEPT of athleisure is to be promoted by Invista on the stand featuring Lycra® fibre at the Lyon Interfilière salon in July 2016. To demonstrate the brand’s vision for the future of innerwear, a capsule collection of athleisure bodywear is to be showcased on the catwalk. The display will illustrate how the expertise and technologies acquired by Lycra through decades of experience in the activewear sector promotes the global expansion of the concept, which is predicted to grow another 30 per cent by 2020 with huge potential in the innerwear sector. Click here for more details of the athleisure concept and of the ways it is being helped to grow by technological advances made by the Lycra brand.

©2016 Invista. All rights reserved

©2016 Invista. All rights reserved

Having become increasingly evident in the past year or two, the influence of sportswear on innerwear design is now making a major impact on bodywear collections for 2017.


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