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INVISTA: new Lycra technology launched

FEATURED as part of the Interfilière New York one-day salon for intimate apparel fabrics, the Creative Lab display that was created jointly by Invista and Concepts Paris, served as a launch pad for a new technology named Lycra Beauty Cooling. The technology is a response to consumer research findings that 69 per cent of female consumers found moisture management to be an extremely or very important element of shapewear and that only 42 per cent were satisfied in that respect. The Beauty Cooling technology involves fibres with a specially engineered cross-section that allows moisture to reach the fabric’s outer surface where it evaporates quickly. Click here for more details and more photos of Lycra Beauty Cooling shapewear creations.

Lycra® Beauty Cooling

Lycra® Beauty Cooling

Because Lycra Beauty Cooling fabrics are already available from leading international suppliers, shapewear brands can start to benefit in S/S 2016 from the promising sales opportunities they offer.

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