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INVISTA: renewed attention paid to swimwear

HARKING back to the early days of the fibre, when promotion of Lycra focused mainly on swimwear applications, Invista selected the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida swimwear event to promote Lycra Xtra Life fibre. There, it is supporting the brands using the fibre that participate in the catwalk show. Staged in Las Palma in the Canary isles from 18 to 20 June, the swimwear event features such brands as Dolores Cortés, Gottex, Banana Moon and Agua Bendita among many others, which all use fabrics incorporating Lycra Xtra Life in their creations. Invista has its own space at the event in order to share information on the fibre and related fabrics, stressing the special qualities of the fibre. These include high resistance to chlorine as well as to elements, such as sunlight and heat as well as skin care products, that can quickly damage standard elastane yarns.


Dolores Cortes & Banana Moon + Lycra Xtra Life

Dolores Cortes & Banana Moon + Lycra Xtra Life

The effort that has gone into making elastane fibre more resistant to potentially harmful substances and conditions has given brands more opportunities to earn customer loyalty.

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