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ITALY: stronger online sales of bodywear reported

ACCORDING to statistics supplied by Sistema Moda Italia (SMI), the Italian bodywear and legwear sectors generated sales of around EUR 4bn in the first nine months of 2015. Exports declined by 5.4 per cent against the same period in 2014 while imports rose by 2.6 per cent and domestic consumption increased marginally by 0.3 per cent. During the first three quarters of 2015, sales of all apparel products declined by 2.4 per cent. Particularly strong growth was achieved by online sales of bodywear and legwear that rose to EUR 237m from EUR 151.5m in 2014, allowing the online channel to raise its market share to 5.3 per cent.



The progress being made everywhere by online sales of underwear and lingerie provides further evidence that the channel is destined to dominate the distribution of bodywear.


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