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JOYFIT: start-up plans to market 3D printed bras


CURRENTLY seeking capital to implement its business plan, a US company named Joyfit proposes to use novel ways to produce and market customized bras. Created by Columbia University graduate Qian Jin, the company plans to base its distribution on a mobile app. Having downloaded the app, the consumer is asked to film a video of her upper torso. She can then use an interactive application to check out different sizes. Having found a good fit, the user can upload the video and the system will determine the perfect dimensions for the silicone within the bra before 3G printing the product for shipment to the consumer’s home. The cost is said to be under USD 100 and JoyFit guarantees that all videos will remain confidential and secure.


Providing that that the bras do indeed provide a perfect fit, and that consumers can be convinced that the videos are indeed adequately protected, the concept could prove very successful.

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