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JULIPET: strong sales surge reported in Italy


DURING the year following the acquisition of the label by diversified textile concern Tollegno 1900, sales in Italy of Julipet men’s underwear, sleepwear and homewear rose by 30 per cent. The launch of retail outlets for the label in Italy made a significant contribution to the sales growth. The strategy started with a concession in Milan department store La Rinascente and, more recently, another in the flagship store of the Sorelle Ramonda fashion chain. The first year growth is the first step in a three-year business plan that aims to double the number of the label’s retail customers worldwide, which currently stands at 600.




If as much as half of the projected growth takes place in Italy, the Julipet brand will begin to win appreciable market share from other labels there. But expansion of Julipet sales elsewhere will have little impact on other national markets unless all the expansion is achieved in only a single country, which is very unlikely.

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